'BRODIE'S - Obedience Achievements'
Crinan's High IQ C.G.C., C.D., C.D.X., U.D./OTCH
Can Ch Windegor Make No Mistake ex Crinan's Prima Donna

Brodie showing off a few of her wins!

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"Brodie" obtained her C.G.C Certificate at 6 months. At 13 months at her very first show she obtained her C.D. title with 3 H.I.C.'s as well as High point Sheltie of the Day. "Brodie's" average score being 196 missing a H.I.T. by point (her human parents made her buy dinner with her winnings). At 27 months she obtained her C.D.X title with two H.I.C's at three consecutive shows. In between all this she went for her herding test (she was not partial to the ducks) as well as she had a trip to the whelping box to have litter of four puppies. "Brodie" is currently working on her UD/OTCH title. Not bad for only being 13 inches on tippy toes.

Congratulations Denise on "Brodie's" first leg towards her U.D./OTCH on December 8, 2001. Always trained, handled and unconditionally loved by her owner Denise Edgar.

"We did it!!!!!!!
At the DC&SSA Specialty Show on Oct. 12th, 2002

"Brodie" received that elusive third leg to obtain her UD/OTCH title and did she do it in style!!!


She not only obtained her final leg but she took High In Class, High Point Sheltie in Trial and the icing on the cake was she took Highest Qualifying score in Trial. With a score of 198. What a great ending to an otherwise sporadic obedience career. "Brodie" you can now go and jump, run and bark to your hearts content in t he agility field"Punkin". Loved and trained by her owner Denise Edgar.


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