Can Ch Crinan's Sweet Dreams T.D.I.
Can Ch Rowanglen's Calypso CD ex Can Ch Crinan's Dream Chaser
Whelped August 17, 1991

'Megan' exhibits a spirit for life in everything whether at home or in the show ring. Her personality won the hearts of many and to watch her move took your breath away, she was so smooth. She is a 14 ", pure for sable, exhibiting sweet expression, correct structure, movement and overall balance that made showing this girl a joy. She made it easy and the judges loved her.

'Megan' won WB, BW & BP for a 4-point win at 11 months of age. Exclusively handled by her Breeder/Owner, 'Megan' acquired her championship with limited showing. She was also a registered pet therapy dog (TDI). Our sincere thanks to the judges for acknowledging 'Megan' qualities: Mr. J. Tacker BP; Robert W. Taylor WB, BW, BP - 4 pt; Mr. H. Brunotte WB, BOS - 3 pts; Eve Whitemore WB, BW, BOS - 3pts; Mr. L. De Bruyne BOS; Mrs. C. De Bruyne BOS.

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