Cody at age 6
Photo: Images By Evelyn

Am Ch Suncroft Siasconset Dynasty ex Can Ch Crinan's Champagne's Delighte CD
Born: May 1st 1985 Passed away April 6th 2000 just shy of his 15th birthday

Sire of 5 Champions & 4 pointed in limited breedings

'Cody' a sire and grandsire of champions. 'The Brat' was pure for sable and non white-factored, linebred on Westering Son, Peter, Luke and Canden Coming Home. (17 x's Peter 6 x's Luke 4 x's Northcountry 2 x's Canden Coming Home [Lucas] )

Bred on a limited basis he produced quality and type both when linebred and outcrossed. Eyes, vWD, hips certified normal. All this in a compact 14" dog with size control, correct coat and sound temperament.

Champion & pointed offspring:
Ch Candega' Gold Rush, Ch Candega's Challenge, Ch Candega's Decandance, Ch Rowanglen Windgate High Tide, Ch Graham's Pride Of The Isle, Candega's Cassandra 7 pts, Candega's Charisma 5 pts, Westpointe's Master Rowanglen 2 pts, Crinan's Private Collection 2 pts.

View 5 Generation Pedigree

'Cody' was a dog that knew how to love, his sound temperament was extraordinary. His greatest goal was to please everyone, he was by far the happiest dog I ever bred.

.'Cody' was one of the sweetest dogs I have owned. Words can never express my loss for 'Cody', he will always be with me in my heart and sadly missed by all.

Pictured at right when 10 years of age. Images By Evelyn

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